Our company belongs to traditional producers of industrial and household chemistry. We produce products for the household and professionals and distribute them all over the Slovak Republic and abroad. ISO 9001 certified production processes are conducted by experienced employees who like their work and whose loyalty contributes to a permanent growth of the company.

ISO certifikat
Products are distributed across the country own transport, which along with production and warehousing capacity to contribute to meeting the challenging trading conditions our customers
Exclusive distribution

Foreign companies which chose us as their partner to fulfil their export plans are delighted about the cooperation which brings positive effects for both sides. The placement of chemical products on the Slovak market was never easier.

Riedidlo C 6000 Benzín technický Riedidlo S-6006 Benzínový čistič Petrolej Toluén lakársky 0,5l Petrolej na svietenie Acetón technicky Terpentínový olej Vodné sklo 36-38 Odhrdzovač Kyselina chlorovodíková Kyselina sírová Fermež ľanová Perchlóretylén Technický lieh Palivo do biokrbov Olej na mazanie Riedidlo S-6005 Hydroxid sodný Riedidlo S-6001 Riedidlo S 6300 Karbid Demineralizovaná voda Prípravok pre pištole P 8500 U 6051 Lepidlo Lovosa Isopropanol
Wholesale trade

Apart from own and foreign suppliers products we also distribute products falling into our wholesale strategy. This supplementary assortment of products contributes to better negotiating position and more effective utilization of our storing and distribution capacities.

Industrial solutions

Solutions intended for industrial companies which need various often individually created chemical compounds in industrial packages. First class service to emphasize our effort for mutual satisfaction.



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